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Dbinformatique69 is your IT partner.
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You want a personal, association or professional website, a blog or an online shop, Dbinformatique69 brings you advice and develop your projects.

You don’t have the time or the skills to manage your IT system, Dbinformatique69 is here to help.

Do you have any problems in your Windows, Linux or UNIX machines? Do you buying advice for IT solutions? Dbinformatique69 can guide you through your projects.

You have old movies on VHS tapes or as Super 8, audio tapes or vynil records, We will transfer them on CD, DVD or Blu-ray.

  • Website Creations

  • External IT structure management

  • Technical Support

  • Video transfer and editing

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Sample pricing

  • Website creation - Basic(1) : from €499.00.
  • Website creation - Pro(2) : from de €1499.00.
  • Website creation with online shop (3) : From de €2999.00.
  • Data backup management : from €5.00 per Giga.
  • Audio/Video transfer : €5.00 + 0.75cts per minute.
  • Technical support (4): from 25,00€ for remote support.
  • IT system management: Ask for a quotation
All of our works will require a quotation which has to be accepted by both parties.

These are only sample price. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.

1) Website creation - Basic : 5 Pages maximum, language : English or French (Limited to one), domain name included (yourname.com,.ie,...), price above is without hosting and referencing 2) Website creation - Pro : Dynamic website , Maximum number of pages : Unlimited, Language : English and/or French, domain name included (yourname.com,.ie,...), business email address, unlimited number of email addresses (yourname@domain.com)
3) Website creation with online shop : Online store, Language : English and/or French, product database, PayPal integration, domain name included (yourname.com,.ie,...), business email address, unlimited number of email addresses (yourname@domain.com)
4) Requires a subscription to our remote desktop service (Private individuals : €80.00/per year, Business : €599.00/per year)